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How cousin marriages affect Georgia’s ethnic Azerbaijani population

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“My elder daughter has thalassemia. When doctors diagnosed her, we learned that it is a genetic disease and mostly it happens with children when they are born as a result of cousin-marriages. I’m married with my cousin. If I were aware of the risk, I would not have married him; […]

How much do teachers in Gali actually earn?

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სოფელ სიდას სკოლა. GALI, DFWatch–Here in Gali, southeastern Abkhazia, the school teachers are the only group of ethnic Georgians that the breakaway authorities don’t demand formal documents from in order to be allowed to work, several teachers told DFWatch. […]

Georgian wins sumo wrestling championship in Japan

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Levan Gorgadze (Tochinoshin) is the third European in history to win the highest division of sumo wrestling. TBILISI, DFWatch–A 30-year-old Georgian unexpectedly won a sumo wrestling championship in Japan. Levan Gorgadze clinched his first ever victory in the highest division, Makuuchi. Gorgadze, who competes under the ring name (shikona) Tochinoshin, […]

Russia’s Duma approves merging South Ossetia militia with Russian army

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რუსული სამხედრო ბაზა ცხინვალის რეგიონში. ( TBILISI, DFWatch–Official Tbilisi condemns a decision by Russia to merge the armed forces in the breakaway territory South Ossetia with the Russian army. Russia’s State Duma ratified the move on Wednesday. […]

Abkhazia demands Georgians renounce citizenship before issuing passport

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( GALI, DFWatch–The breakaway region Abkhazia demands an official document issued by the Georgian Ministry of Justice proving that someone has renounced their Georgian citizenship in order to grant them an Abkhazian passport, Gali residents told DFWatch. […]

Georgian opera singer to perform in breakaway Abkhazia

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Photo: Giorgi Todua (left) and Alexander Tikhomirov at Gali Culture House. GALI, DFWatch–Georgian opera singer Giorgi Todua will hold a concert in the breakaway region Abkhazia on Wednesday, for the first time after the bloody war in 1991-92, which killed tens and  displaced hundreds of thousands of people. […]

More ethnic Azeris are on the move from Georgia than ever before  

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Georgia is the most ethnically diverse state in the South Caucasus, with Azeri ethnic minorities constituting 6.3% of its population. They are present especially in the border province of Kvemo-Kartli, the region where unemployment and poverty that has spread over, pushing many ethnic Azeris to leave their place of origin.    […]

Trump’s NSC advisor: We have to find ways to deal with new threat that Russia has perfected

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H.R. McMaster at the US Army Basic Training. 2009 (US Army photo.) VoA contributor Greta Van Susteren interviewed H.R. McMaster, 26th National Security Advisor, serving under President Donald Trump, at the White House. This is a transcript of a part of the interview pertaining to Russia.    […]

Local strongman assassinated in South Ossetia

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Marek Dudaev in court in Tbilisi, 2005. ( TBILISI, DFWatch–A former militiaman was assassinated in South Ossetia on Tuesday. Breakaway   authorities claim the suspect fled to Georgian-controlled territory. Marek Dudayev was shot three times in Artsevi, his native village near the breakaway capital Tskhinvali, local media reports. His body was found in a building […]

Carpenter: Not only sanctions… the US & NATO can take military steps to gain advantage over Russia in the region

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Michael Carpenter (PennBidenCenter.) To assess the US national security strategy issues, efficiency of the Trump administration and threats coming from increasingly assertive Russia, Voice of America’s (VOA) Nana Sajaia interviewed Washington-based Michael Carpenter, Senior Executive Director at Pen Biden Center. […]

Groups demand investigation into how anti-terror forces killed 19-year-old

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Groups rallied outside the government building. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The death of a young Chechen man who was shot in an anti-terror operation last month has sparked an outcry among locals in the Muslim-inhabited region he came from, while activists in Tbilisi rallied outside the government building. […]

Georgian volunteers in Ukraine war quit military unit after ‘provocations’

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The Georgian Legion. (Facebook.) Georgian Legion’s commander Mamuka Mamulashvili. (Facebook.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgian volunteers who have been fighting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine since 2014 accuse their commander of betrayal and have abandoned the brigade they belonged to in the Ukrainian military. All but three of the around 40 Georgian volunteers […]

Former President Saakashvili convicted of ‘abuse of power’ by Tbilisi court

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TBILISI, DFWatch–A court in Georgia on Friday found the country’s former president Mikheil Saakashvili guilty of abuse of power and sentenced him to three years in jail. The sentence, which was passed in absentia, was initially four years, but the term was curtailed due to an amnesty law. […]

Ukraine detains ship carrying cigarettes from Abkhazia

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TBILISI, DFWatch–On December 31, Ukrainian border guards fired warning shots at a ship off the coast of Odessa and took it into custody. The ship, which was flying a Tanzanian flag, was found to be carrying counterfeit cigarettes from Abkhazia, destined for Bulgaria. […]

Abkhazia demands extradition of Russian diplomat’s murderer

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იუსუპ ლაკაევი. TBILISI, DFWatch–Authorities in breakaway Abkhazia demand the extradition of a Georgian prisoner suspected of assassinating a Russian diplomat and his wife in Abkhazia in 2013. […]