Russian MP claima Georgia might have been involved in Navalny poisoning

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Yuri Shvytkin. (Facebook) As the world, and democratic forces in Russia, remain shocked by cold-blooded poisoning of President Putin’s top foe by Novichok, the Kremlin points at Georgian and the United States as possible perpetrators. Russia is not engaged in the manufacture of chemicals from the Novichok group, such laboratories are located in Georgia [...]

Nate Sibley: Russian corrupt money starts to corrupt institutions in the west as well

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Nate Sibley (VOA). Russian Kleptocracy has become such a big issue because they pushed it so hard, Vladimir Putin and group of his friends symbolize nothing more than an organized crime, we are seeing tentacles of the Kremlin growing outward from Russia, says Nate Sibley […]

Trump’s NSC advisor: We have to find ways to deal with new threat that Russia has perfected

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H.R. McMaster at the US Army Basic Training. 2009 (US Army photo.) VoA contributor Greta Van Susteren interviewed H.R. McMaster, 26th National Security Advisor, serving under President Donald Trump, at the White House. This is a transcript of a part of the interview pertaining to Russia.    […]

Carpenter: Not only sanctions… the US & NATO can take military steps to gain advantage over Russia in the region

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Michael Carpenter (PennBidenCenter.) To assess the US national security strategy issues, efficiency of the Trump administration and threats coming from increasingly assertive Russia, Voice of America’s (VOA) Nana Sajaia interviewed Washington-based Michael Carpenter, Senior Executive Director at Pen Biden Center. […]

Putin gives yellow light to South Ossetian unification project

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Leonid Tibilov, de facto president meets with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, March 31, 2016. ‘Let’s wait for the moment when “the stars align”, so we can begin to implement the referendum’s results,’ Tibilov was quoted by TASS news agency (http://presidentruo.org/ photo). TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia accuses Russia of instrumental use of a South Ossetian initiative to conduct a referendum on joining Russia, while Russia continues sending mixed signals to the Tskhinvali leadership. South Ossetian hopes for unification with the Russian Federation […]

Russia and South Ossetia to sign border agreement

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Vladimir Putin. (Official Kremlin photo.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued an order to sign an agreement with the de facto government of South Ossetia about the ‘state border.’ The order instructs the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs to hold negotiations with the de facto […]

Putin visits Abkhazia, celebrates recognition

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De facto Abkhazian President Alexandre Ankvab (left) and Russian President Vladimer Putin. (Official Kremlin photo.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Georgia’s breakaway region Abkhazia Monday and congratulated de facto President Alexandre Ankvab on the ‘five year anniversary since Russia recognized its independence’. Georgia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has […]

Georgian Patriarch Ilia II visits Moscow, meets Putin

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Patriarch of Russia Kirill I (left) and Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II. (Official photo.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia’s Patriarch Ilia II, who visited Russia for the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, met with the Russian Patriarch Kirill I and invited him to Georgia. The meeting was held in Moscow on July 23 at the Russian Patriarchate to discuss […]