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Four Abkhaz volunteers fighting on the Russian side killed in Ukraine

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Abkhaz volunteers at Pyatnashka battalion ( Four Abkhaz volunteers fighting on the Russian side have been killed in Donbas. The identities of at least three of them are known, although the Abkhazian Telegram channels report on the death of four. There are also unknown number of wounded. Volunteers from Russian-occupied Abkhazia died near the town of [...]

Situation surrounding Saakashvili can ruin Georgia’s EU aspirations, ambassadors say to GD government

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The ambassadors of the EU member states warned the Georgian government at a meeting behind closed doors that the situation surrounding the former president Mikheil Saakashvili could put an end to Georgia's European aspirations, Tbilisi-based Russian-language news website Sova reports relying on its own sources. At Wednesday’s meeting with Justice Minister Rati Bregadze, the heads of [...]

„Gross violation” of the diplomatic protocol deepens the crisis between the president and Georgian Dream

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The conflict between the president and the ruling political team of Georgia is getting worse. On Monday, Salome Zourabichvili demonstratively refused to participate in the Ambassadors' Conference 2022 due to "gross violations of generally recognized and established rules of state and diplomatic protocol". “According to the Constitution of Georgia, the President of Georgia is the head [...]

Saakashvili claims Putin personally ordered his assassination by poisoning

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Extremely debilitated Mikheil Saakashvili appeared before court on December 22 via video link to plead for his release or transfer abroad on health grounds. The imprisoned former President of Georgia states that the sharp deterioration of his health condition is related to poisoning, which was ordered by Vladimir Putin of Russia. “Putin really ordered me to [...]

Georgia braces for court hearing, which will decide on the matter of Saakashvili’s “life and death”

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Political forces in Georgia are bracing for a court hearing scheduled for Friday, which should review the issue of releasing Mikheil Saakashvili or postponing his sentence. The trial was scheduled at the request of his lawyers, who claim that the health condition of the ex-president is critical and if not transferred abroad for treatment, his life [...]

24 y/o volunteer from Abkhazia, who was fighting on the Russian side, killed in Donbas of Ukraine

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Body of Artur Kirkinadze, an Abkhazian volunteer who died in Donbas, brought to Sukhumi. September 12. (Photo by Sokhumi regime emergency service). The body of 24-year-old Beslan Tapagua was brought Wednesday from Krasnodar to Sokhumi by the emergency service of the separatist regime. There are no details on how Tapagua died. It is only known that [...]

Five Georgian fighters killed in the battle of Bakhmut, Ukraine

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Georgian Recon Team captured Russian BTR-82 somewhere in Ukraine (photo @Visioner). On Saturday, reports were spread about the death of five Georgian fighters at Bakhmut, Donbass. Later, this information was confirmed by the Embassy of Georgia in Kyiv, as well as Georgian volunteers who protect Ukraine from Russian aggression. There are no confirmed details about the [...]