Body of Artur Kirkinadze, an Abkhazian volunteer who died in Donbas, brought to Sukhumi. September 12. (Photo by Sokhumi regime emergency service).

The body of 24-year-old Beslan Tapagua was brought Wednesday from Krasnodar to Sokhumi by the emergency service of the separatist regime.

There are no details on how Tapagua died. It is only known that he is a resident of Gali district, where he will be buried.

Beslan Tapagua is already the fourth Abkhazian who has been confirmed to have died during the war on the side of the Russians in Ukraine. Since 2014, the Pyatnashka volunteer battalion has been fighting in Donbas. It was set up by Akhra Avidzba, an ethnic Abkhaz resident of the Russian city of Sochi who later stepped down. This battalion unites volunteers of different ethnicities, including Abkhazs and Ossetians. However, it is not known whether Tapagua was part of Pyatnashka.