Georgian Recon Team captured Russian BTR-82 somewhere in Ukraine (photo @Visioner).

On Saturday, reports were spread about the death of five Georgian fighters at Bakhmut, Donbass. Later, this information was confirmed by the Embassy of Georgia in Kyiv, as well as Georgian volunteers who protect Ukraine from Russian aggression.

There are no confirmed details about the death of Georgians so far. According to Radio Liberty, they were probably ambushed by so called Kadyrovtsi, i.e. troops loyal to Chechnya’s strongman, Ramzan Kadyrov. However, pro-Russian Telegram channels report that Georgians perished fighting with ChVK Wagner, Russian private military company.

“No one ask anything nor call me […],” writes Vano Nadiradze, a Georgian fighting in Ukraine, on Facebook.

“They killed 5 (!!!) our boys… I can’t take it anymore, people,” writes civil activist Giga Makarashvili, who is also in Ukraine, on Facebook.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia told RFE/RL that the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine has been informed about the mentioned fact and is verifying the information.