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  • William Courtney: Russia might seek to annex Abkhazia
    Anna Kalandadze
    William Courtney, former US Ambassador to Georgia told Voice of America’s Anna Kalandadze that “President Putin’s August 8 visit underlined Moscow’s apparent determination to retain control of Abkhazia despite the costs to Russia’s intern...

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  • Open Society criticizes Hungary's government for anti-NGO law
    Open Society Foundations criticizes the  Hungarian government and accuses it of trying to silence academic freedom by proposing a law against internationally funded NGOs, which will make it ‘impossible’ for the Central European University in B...

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  • Georgia to ban unhealthy food in its public schools
    TBILISI, DFWatch--Georgia plans to ban unhealthy food in public schools, particularly sugary beverages and salty products, in an effort to promote healthier lifestyle among school children. “When children come to school in September they will ...

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