• World famous game designer gets inspired by Georgian myths
    Inga Popovaite
    TBILISI, DFWatch--“Amirani is the legendary first Zombie, some worship him. Legend has it that he is the original Prometheus and still chained to the Caucasus Mountains, he brought fire to humans and half life to us. Three Angels made him their ...

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  • Freezing the Kremlin's policy
    Lasha Tughushi
    How Europe should respond to Putin at the Riga Summit Against the backdrop of a rain of bullets, and the rumble of tanks and cannons, Europe is preparing for the Riga Summit in May. Expectations are already low, but one likely positive decision is v...

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  • Tbilisi celebrates Orthodox Eastergovernment_in_Easter_2015
    TBILISI, DFWatch--Easter was celebrated in Tbilisi as usual this year, despite bad weather. People visit the graves of their relatives on the first or second day of Easter. Christianity was declared state religion in Georgia in 4th century and a...

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  • A gay man from Tbilisi: ‘I haven’t told my mother yet’multicolored_banner
    A country in which the Church is a powerful presence, which strongly advocates for traditional values, probably would not be the first place of choice for LGBTQ people. But what if it is your homeland? 88 % of Georgians do not justify homosexualit...

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