• Alexandre (Alika) Rondeli, in memoriam
    Tedo Japaridze
    Alexander Rondeli
    Alexander Rondeli
    Alexandre Rondeli (Alika for most of his Georgian friends and colleagues) was a charming and talented man, a close friend, a consul, a strategic ally, from the category of “usual suspects”, and, at times, a political opponent. Most of the peopl...

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  • World famous game designer gets inspired by Georgian myths
    Inga Popovaite
    TBILISI, DFWatch--“Amirani is the legendary first Zombie, some worship him. Legend has it that he is the original Prometheus and still chained to the Caucasus Mountains, he brought fire to humans and half life to us. Three Angels made him their ...

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  • Foreign investments in Q1 down 34% in 2015sakdrisi
    TBILISI, DFWatch--There was 34 percent less direct foreign investment in Georgia in the first quarter of 2015 than in the same period last year. According to preliminary figures from the Georgian National Statistics Department, GeoStat, the amou...

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  • Zezvaoba - a people's celebration of 17th century herozezvaoba_2015
    Zezvaoba is a celebration held every year in the villages Zemo Alvani and Kvemo Alvani. It is a commemoration of Zezva Gaprindauli, one of the leaders of the Bakhtrioni uprising against the Persians in 1659. A ritual called Dalaoba is part of...

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