TBILISI, DFWatch–An American man of around 40 was stabbed to death in a small village in eastern Georgia Thursday night. Police have arrested a 20 year old man who is suspected of the murder.

The victim, a U.S. citizen, was found dead on a road in Lechuri, a remote village at the foot of the Caucasus mountains with a population of less than a hundred.

A spokesman for the local government said he was a tourist on the way to the picturesque mountain region Tusheti.

The police in Kakheti arrested a man born in 1996 and charged him with premeditated murder.

Investigators say the murder took place on August 12 on the road near Lenchuri, following a dispute. The suspect injured the man, a U.S. citizen born in 1975, with a sharp object, and then ran away.

The American died on the spot.

The suspect was arrested after a few hours. Police seized a knife as evidence. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the detainee admits guilt. He may face 15 years in jail.

Valeri Abarmishvili, a spokesman for the local municipality, told Information Center of Kakheti (ICK) that they learned about the incident Thursday night. He said the murder victim was a tourist and heading to Tusheti.

(A previous version of this article stated that the victim was a woman. That was based on an erroneous report by Information Center of Kakheti.)