TBILISI, DFWatch–The eco-activists of Guerilla Gardening rallied in front of Tbilisi City Hall again on Friday, demanding the dismissal of the two bureaucrats in charge of tree cutting in the capital.

They demand the dismissal of the head and the deputy of City Hall’s ecology and greening department and are collecting signatures in support of their demand.

Since August 17, the activists have been camped out in front of the tall City Hall building.

That was the day at least 40 trees were cut down on Kazbegi Avenue in Tbilisi, at a location where two new apartment blocks are planned.

Urban activists question the validity of a permit to cut down trees on Kazbegi Avenue. Normally, healthy trees can’t be taken down, but the  city’s greening department deemed all the trees sick.

The mayor began an internal review of the permit, but activists claim he is just stalling for time.

Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania has previously come under fire from activists for allowing the sale of part of the botanical garden, and approving the luxury complex Panorama.

Friday’s rally was held under the slogan ‘I am Tbilisi’ and started with an auction of paintings made during a previous rally depicting environmental problems in the city. The money collected from the auction, more than 700 laris, will be spent on planting trees in Tbilisi.

After the auction, organizers and supporters addressed the gathering. The speeches were carried live by DFWatch through Facebook (center right).

The event ended with a live music performance (bottom right).