A newborn at the Georgian Church’s maternity ward in March 2011. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The government in Georgia proposes to automatically give Georgian citizenship to a child who was born through in vitro fertilization if none of the parents’s home countries recognize it as its citizen.

The Ministry of Justice explains that the new bill, which will amendment the law about citizenship, was prepared so that children won’t end up without citizenship.

When a child is born in Georgia and one of the parent is a Georgian citizen, the child will also be a Georgian citizen. If both parents are Georgian citizens, the child will get Georgian citizenship regardless of where he or she is born.

If a child lives in Georgia and it is unknown who the parents are, he will get Georgian citizenship.

The Justice Ministry explains that also, frequently when a child is born, it is known who the parents are, but not what citizenship they have. In this case the child will still be recognized as a Georgian citizen.

Also, if one parent doesn’t have Georgian citizenship and the other one has unknown citizenship, but the child is born in Georgia, it will get Georgian citizenship.