TBILISI, DFWatch–Crops were destroyed by a hailstorm in several municipalities of Georgia’s Shida Kartli province on May 26.

In the hardest hit village Ebnisi the harvest was almost completely devastated.

The local municipality is now estimating the cost of the damage.

Villages in Gori municipality were struck by hailstorm twice in the last few days. Vegetables and crops were destroyed in Akhalubani, Mejvriskhevi and Akhrisi.

Anti-hail rockets deployed in several parts of Georgia by the state-owned military research facility Delta have proven ineffective in protecting farmers from having their crops destroyed by bad weather.

May 19, Defense Minister Tina Khidasheli fired Delta’s director Ucha DzoDzuashvili because of problems related to the anti-hail rockets.

May 24, Delta issued a statement explaining that 50 rockets have been fired to dissolve hail clouds. They claim that the anti-hail system is working properly but the rockets themselves have problems, due to time pressure in the manufacturing process.