Russia plans to restore Sukhumi airport and resume flights to occupied Abkhazia

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Russia plans to restore air traffic with breakaway Abkhazia, and pledges to assist Sokhumi regime to rehabilitate Babushara airport, which, according to de facto president Aslan Bzhania, will be completed in 2024. On Thursday in Sukhumi, Russian Economy Minister Maxim Reshetnikov met with the regime's Vice PM Christina Ozgan, where they discussed the details of the [...]

12 Babushara victims buried in Tbilisi

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(DF Watch.) TBILISI, DFWatch–12 more bodies have been identified from the Babushara airport disaster during the 1992-1993 Abkhazian war. The bodies were buried at Brothers’ Cemetery in Tbilisi on Saturday April 9, when Georgia commemorates the victims of the tragedy of 9 April 1989. […]

Five victims of 1993 plane crash buried in Tbilisi

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(Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Five more victims of a plane disaster during the Abkhazian war in 1993 were buried in Tbilisi on Tuesday after being recovered from a cemetery inside the breakaway region. Giorgi Chargeishvili, Malkhaz Piranishvili, Zurab Melishiani, Rusudan […]

Four victims of Abkhazia war identified

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Babushara airport, Abkhazia. TBILISI, DFWatch–Four bodies found in a cemetery in Abkhazia have been identified. The bodies belong to the same family and the four died in a plane crash during the war in 1992-1993. According to Refugee Minister Sozar Subari, the victims are twins Nukri […]