The house in Kobuleti where a Muslim boarding school is planned. (DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Students at a Muslim school demonstrated outside the government house in Batumi a few days ago, demanding that the the Kobuleti Boarding School issue be solved soon.

Also university students joined the rally. They claim that the local government in the Adjara region should have made a decision about the opening of the boarding school on October 22, 2014, but hasn’t done so.

The conflict over the madrasa in Kobuleti started in September, when locals slaughtered a pig and hung the head on the door of the school right before the opening, which is an insult for Muslims.

Villagers, had protested a few times, took action because they didn’t like having a ‘Muslim facility’ in their neighborhood.

The opening of the boarding school was postponed until the local government had made a decision.

Student Kakha Kakhadze, one of the participants at the rally, told journalists that they want to remind the local government that they had a decision to make about the boarding school in Kobuleti, because children in the old school have difficult conditions and were expecting to move soon.

A representative from the legal department of the local municipality met with the students and promised to make a decision next week, but there is still no word about any decision about the issue.