A coalition which unites over 180 Georgian NGOs harshly criticizes violence of Belarusian authorities against peaceful citizens in the wake of presidential elections held on August 9, and urges Georgian government not to recognize the election results.

“As a result of actions taken by the riot police, thousands of people have been arrested and two have died who protested non-compliance of presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9 with the democratic standards. Among those detained are journalists whose whereabouts remain unknown,” says Georgian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in a statement released Friday.

“Many cases of human rights violations, including beatings, psychological pressure and degrading treatment, have been reported. Both, before and after the elections, illegal pressure has been exerted on political opponents, civil activists, media and students. Restricted Internet access hindered the ability of the Belarusian people to share information about the ongoing events and public sentiments in the country with the general public and the international community.

“We, member organizations of the Georgian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum hereby urge the Government of Georgia not to recognize the election results,” the statement reads.

The GNP member organizations also call on the EU institutions, the member states and the democratic community “not to allow the dictatorial regime to vanquish and violently suppress Belarusian people’s will, to ignore their aspiration to freedom and to hinder their democratic development.”