TBILISI, DFWatch–The One Caucasus Festival kicked off in Georgia on Thursday, bringing together tourists and young people from all over the country, from different ethnic backgrounds, in order to enjoy music performances by local and foreign artists.

One Caucasus has been held in Georgia since 2014. It takes place in the village Tserakvi, near Marneuli. This is where Georgia borders with Azerbaijan and Armenia. As such, it is a meeting point of three of the peoples of South Caucasus.

The opening night was quite crowded. Many local families brought along their children to enjoy music and taste different national cuisine cooked in the field.

American band Huntertones and Georgian folk group Chveneburebi entertained the audience with collaborative songs. There was also Skadyktator, who performs Jamaican ska-jazz music, Pako Sarr and other artists.

There will be performers from more than 15 countries, including India, Senegal, Germany, India and the United States. Chveneburebi and Huntertones worked on five collaborative songs at the school of Tserakvi for a few days before the festival began. The crowd demanding that they play more.

In the first evening, there was an on stage marriage proposal, where a couple from Azerbaijan got engaged and lots of congratulations from the crowd.

Before the concert several documentary films were screened in the field in the so-called workshop zone. Several documentaries were filmed by children, who had workshops before the festival began.

on the festival site, there is a cinema area, as well as an exhibition zone.

Representatives of the embattled Kiwi café were also present and served vegan dishes.

One Caucasus will last until August 2. Attendance is free, as is transportation to and from three locations: the Azerbaijani-Georgian border at Red Bridge, the Georgian-Armenian border at Sadakhlo and from Tbilisi.

Friday, people have the opportunity to enjoy a social museum and an educational space.

Pako Sarr will also perform today, as well as Filip Wozniak, Piotr Rybak, Tolu Emiayo and others.