TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) thinks that a new decree about political advertisements exceeds the frames of law.

The decree was issued on August 6 by the State Audit Office and it sets the rules for advertising, both for the media and political parties.

According to the decree, political parties and coalitions – technically called ‘election subjects’ – should pay for a week in advance. Then, the subjects, broadcasters and newspapers should inform the State Audit Office about the payment.

“Only the two – the media and the election subject – should solve the issue. The new decree not only exceeds the frames of law, but also sets limits and barriers for election subjects,” GYLA writes in a statement.

The sanctions for violating the rules of the decree will be an initial warning, then a fine and then suspension or revocation of license.

GYLA says the State Audit Office is imposing additional liabilities on media organizations.

The Georgian National Communications Commission already defines the rules for media to participate in the election process, provides the monitoring of protection of norms prescribed by the law. Media organizations are obliged to make the data public, and inform the commission about the cost, duration and schedule of advertisement.

GYLA thinks that two public bodies should not monitor the media and demands that the decree is abolished.