TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia’s National Statistics Department GeoStat says direct foreign investments grew 37 percent in 2011 compared to 2010. The total amount of direct foreign investments last year was USD 1 117 million.

According to GeoStat, direct foreign investments that year made up 7.8 percent of the country’s GDP, which is 0.8 percent more than in 2010.

The amount of reinvestment in 2011 was 30 percent out of total direct foreign investments.

According to the new figures, investments came from 65 different countries. In 2010 investments came from 61 countries, while 60 countries in 2009.

The largest share of investments originated in the Netherlands – 22 percent, followed by Azerbaijan – 12 percent and Denmark – 9 percent.

Real estate was the number one investments form with USD 225 million, the energy sector number two with USD 204 million.

Investments in 2011 increased within energy, health care and the construction sector, compared to 2010.