Zura Vazagashvili case

Saakashvili party boycotts parliament after ex-official’s suicide attempt

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Zurab Japaridze. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Members of Mikheil Saakashvili’s party deliberately disrupted Friday’s parliamentary session because of a former official’s suicide attempt the day before. The former special unit’s representative who attempted to commit suicide is detained […]

Policeman detained for murder of human rights activist

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Yuri Vazagashvili. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The Prosecutor General’s Office in Georgia has detained a police officer who is suspected of murdering human rights activist Yuri Vazagashvili three weeks ago. Yuri Vazagashvili had been campaigning for justice for his son Zurab, who was […]

Eleven police officers detained in Georgia

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(Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Eleven current and former police officers were detained in Georgia on Tuesday in connection with bombing of a human rights activist nearly two weeks ago. Yuri Vazagashvili, a Tbilisi businessman, was killed January 20 as he stepped on a land mine […]

Georgian PM appoints new interior minister

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Vakhtang Gomelauri. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Monday appointed Vakhtang Gomelarui as new interior minister after the previous minister resigned in connection with the bombing of a human rights activist. Until now, Gomelauri served as first deputy […]

Yuri Vazagashvili buried Sunday

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(Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch—Yuri Vazagashvili was Sunday buried in the village Karapila, near Kaspi, 50 km west of the capital. He was buried next to his son Zurab, who died in a police operation in 2006 during the Saakashvili regime and became a symbol of the heavy-handed […]

More people leave Georgia’s law enforcement after activist’s death

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TBILISI, DFWatch–The fallout from a bombing of a rights activist in Georgia last week continued Sunday with several prosecutors asking to be suspended and police officers being fired. On Friday, the interior minister resigned. This was followed by the […]

Police official in Georgia resigns following bombing of activist

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(Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–A high-ranking police official in Georgia resigned Friday evening. His resignation follows that of the interior minister, and is related to the bombing of a rights activist last Wednesday. The activist, Yuri Vazagasvili, was blown up while standing […]

Georgia’s interior minister resigns

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Alexandre Chikaidze. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgian Interior Minister Alexandre Chikaidze, who was hardly seen in public during his tenure, on Friday resigned following the controversial murder of Yuri Vazagashvili. In his letter of resignation to the PM, Chikaidze writes that he made the […]

Over 30 witnesses questioned about Yuri Vazagashvili’s death

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Yuri Vazagashvili (right) with Bidzina Ivanishvili in February 2012. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–At least thirty people have so far been questioned about the death of Yuri Vazagashvili, father of a victim of a controversial police operation in 2006. Zurab Vazagashvili’s death nearly nine years ago became a symbol of the heavy-handed police […]

Man blaming police of the son’s death, killed at his grave

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It is still unclear whether Yuri Vazagashvili was killed or committed suicide. (Interpressnews) Tbilisi, DFWatch – A father of a victim of controversial police special operation back in 2006 was found dead on the grave of his son as result of an explosion on Tuesday. It is still unknown whether it was a suicide or a homicide, […]

Georgia unveils memorial to victims of Saakashvili regime

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The memorial stone. TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia’s justice minister on Saturday opened a memorial for the victims of the Saakashvili regime, which held government power in the country from 2004 to 2012. The memorial stone at the entrance to the House of Justice bears the names of Zurab […]

Ivanishvili takes part in street protest for the first time

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TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili calls for the government to investigate a police special operation in 2006 which took the lives of two young men. It’s known as the Vazagashvili case and gathers a crowd every year at the spot near Paliashvili […]