Nika Gvaramia

Tbilisi court imposes strict bail conditions on former Rustavi 2 director in corruption trial

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Nika Gvaramia at Tbilisi City Court. ( TBILISI, DFWatch--Tbilisi City Court has placed Nika Gvaramia under GEL 40,000 bail in a controversial corruption trial that the opposition calls politically motivated. Initially, the Prosecutor’s Office wanted even stricter bail conditions: GEL 80,000 bail and banning the former head of Rustavi 2 from leaving the country.  [...]

New lawsuit against opposition TV channel Rustavi 2 may ‘kill its editorial policy’

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Nika Gvaramia, CEO of Rustavi 2. TBILISI, DFWatch--The director of Georgia main opposition TV company said Monday that the government has launched a new attack against it, and claimed the goal is to kill its editorial policy. Rustavi 2 director Nika Gvaramia also accused billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili of personal involvement in a new lawsuit [...]

‘Traitor!’ ‘Fascist!’ Accusations fly in Georgian election campaign

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Speaker of Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze. (Facebook.) TBILISI, DFWatch--Nika Gvaramia, head of the opposition TV channel Rustavi 2, calls the ruling party-backed presidential contender a ‘traitor’. GD party secretary Irakli Kobakhidze responds by calling Gvaramia a ‘fascist’. Kobakhidze, who is the speaker of Georgia's parliament, slammed the Rustavi 2 director Monday morning at a press [...]

Georgian opposition TV claims tax debt used to silence its voice

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Rustavi 2 director Nika Gvaramia. TBILISI, DFWatch–The director of Georgia’s biggest opposition TV company claims the government is using tax laws to to get it off air ahead of the local elections in October. “TV company Rustavi 2 is again under threat […] The state is seemingly preparing for a decisive blow […]

CEO of Georgia’s embattled opposition television station resigns

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Nika Gvaramia. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Rustavi 2 director general Nika Gvaramia resigns. Gvaramia’s resignation was reported yesterday by several Georgian media outlets and confirmed Friday morning by one of the TV company’s editors who spoke to DFWatch on condition of anonymity. […]

Gvaramia: ECHR has suspended Georgian Supreme Court ruling

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TBILISI, DFWatch–The director of Georgia’s largest opposition TV company says the European Court of Human Rights has decided to temporarily suspend a ruling by the former Soviet republic’s Supreme Court which changes the ownership of the company, Rustavi 2. […]

Georgia Supreme Court begins review of Rustavi 2 case Thursday

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Rustavi 2’s director Nika Gvaramia. (Palitra TV.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The Supreme Court in the former Soviet republic of Georgia on Thursday begins to review a highly publicised lawsuit about the ownership over the country’s biggest TV channel. The case concerns who shall control 100 percent of shares in Rustavi 2, […]

Rustavi 2 airs allegations against former deptuty chief prosecutor

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Nika Gvaramia, director of Rustavi 2, the pro-Saakashvili television channel on which the unproven accusations were given extensive air time. TBILISI, DFWatch–A fiercely anti-government TV station in Georgia aired allegations against a former high-level prosecutor purporting that he had tried to sell a secret recordings of a former prime minister and billionaire. The word fight was launched during […]

Two of Georgia’s Supreme Court judges claim they were pressured

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Rustavi 2 director Nika Gvaramia. TBILISI, DFWatch–Two judges in the Supreme Court of the former Soviet republic of Georgia have filed a formal request to the country’s top prosecutor to investigate an attempt to influence them. The case led to an exchange of strong claims and counterclaims on Friday, […]

Son of former opposition leader charged with assaulting Rustavi 2 director

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Rati Gachechiladze. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The son of a former opposition politician in Georgia was Monday officially charged with having assaulted the director of the largest opposition TV channel. The suspect Rati Gachechiladze (29) pleaded guilty and was released on 5,000 laris (USD 1,800) bail. […]

Rustavi 2 head assaulted at father’s funeral meal by son of Maestro director

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Nika Gvaramia at the police station. (Palitra TV.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The director of Georgia’s largest opposition-leaning TV channel was physically assaulted at a restaurant in Tbilisi Saturday evening. The attack took place as Rustavi 2 director Nika Gvaramia was preparing to leave a restaurant after the funeral of his father. […]

Contradictory testimony in Rustavi 2 blackmail case, prosecutors say

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(Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The Prosecutor General’s Office in Georgia says the director of the embattled television company Rustavi 2 and another person gave contradictory testimony on Thursday in a blackmail case. Rustavi 2 director Nika Gvaramia […]

Vehicles of Georgian opposition TV company seized

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“This will be a full-scale legal war,” Rustavi 2 director Nika Gvaramia warned. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The National Bureau of Enforcement late Thursday evening seized vehicles belonging to the Georgian opposition-leaning TV company Rustavi 2. The seizure came as result of a court plea submitted by Kibar Khalvashi, a Georgian businessman […]

Rustavi 2 head acquitted in appeals court

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Nika Gvaramia, head of Rustavi 2 TV. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The Appeals Court in Georgia on Thursday acquitted the head of Rustavi 2 TV in a corruption case. Rustavi 2 boss Nika Gvaramia was charged with accepting a bribe, money laundering, preparing fake financial documents, using them and helping in false […]

Rustavi 2 under investigation for illegal wiretapping

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Head of Rustavi 2, Nika Gvaramia. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–The Prosecutor’s Office in Georgia has launched an investigation into surveillance recordings published by Rustavi 2. The case is based on suspicion that the recordings were illegally obtained and published, which if true means that the TV company […]

Who are behind the surveillance tapes at Rustavi 2?

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Nika Gvaramia (center), head of Rustavi 2. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–Spokespersons for the Georgian Dream coalition say a claim by a TV station head that he and his staff are under police surveillance is staged and part of the National Movement’s election campaign. Head of Rustavi 2, Nika Gvaramia, claimed […]

Rustavi 2 director claims police is watching him

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Head of Rustavi 2 TV Nika Gvaramia claims he is under surveillance. (Interpressnews.) TBILISI, DFWatch–A Georgian TV company accuses the government of wiretapping and spying on its management and journalists. The accusations were put forth on Tuesday by Nika Gvaramia, director of Rustavi 2, the last major TV channel that remains faithful to former […]

TI asks for proof that wiretap was legal

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TBILISI, DFWatch — Transparency International Georgia demands that the authorities show proof that they had a legal right to secretly tap the phones of two former officials. The phone conversations in question were used to justify detaining officials in the […]

Saakashvili addresses party, delegates return to parliament

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TBILISI, DFWatch — The National Movement party of President Mikheil Saakashvili will return to parliament on Monday. This became clear at a party conference Sunday. The president addressed his party’s activists and tried to fire them up as they are […]

Six released on bail in corruption ring case

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TBILISI, DFWatch — Six suspects in a corruption case involving a one million dollar bribe, a dummy company and three power stations were Saturday released on bail. The two most high profile names among the suspected conspirators are Nika Gvaramia, former education […]

Ambassador Norland questions detention of Gvaramia

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TBILISI, DFWatch — US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland says that when a director of a TV company is detained, it naturally raises questions. Norland on Thursday held a closed meeting with Prison Minister Sozar Subari. After the meeting he commented on the […]