TBILISI, DFWatch–President Saakashvili Friday left the capital for a three day hike at Tobavarchkhila Lake. He brought with him several members of the National Movement.

Saakashvili spoke about his trip in an interview with the Public Broadcaster’s channel 1 on Thursday.

The president says he has spent almost all his time in the office the last ten months, and ‘there is nothing worse than that’. He therefore decided to go hiking.

“For the last ten months I have been sitting in my office, and I hate it. Nothing happens,” he said. “That’s why I’m going to Tobavarchkhila Lake by foot, only to run away from the office and thinking about this place.”

Saakashvili lately speaks more often of being bored. Since the change of government in October, 2012, when his party was defeated, the president has mainly gone on less important visits abroad and used his rights to block draft bills suggested by the Georgian Dream coalition or pardoned prisoners detained for the last ten months who are members of his party.

The president’s administration told DF Watch that Saakashvili’s decision to go hiking was unexpected for them as well, and they aren’t familiar with the details of his mountain walk.

Saakashvili used his weekend on making decisions, and that’s why going hiking won’t interfere with his duties. The UNM press office says it doesn’t have any information about who the other party members are who are with him.

Tobavarchkila Lake or Vertskhli Lake (Silver Lake) is in western Georgia’s Samegrelo region and lies 2 650 meters above the sea level. It is hard to get there, and it remains one of the main tourist attractions in Samegrelo.