saakashviliTBILISI, DFWatch–Georgian ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili has formed a new political party in Ukraine, demanding early elections there.

The announcement comes a few weeks after his party in Georgia, the National Movement, was defeated in the parliamentary election.

Last week, Saakashvili resigned as governor of Odessa in Ukraine, and Saturday he informed about launching a party New Force in Ukraine.

“I want to say that today we are establishing a new political team which aims to replace the political elite which controls the Rada. Our aim is to call a snap election,” he said at a press conference in Kiev.

Saakashvili promised that there won’t be any businessmen in his new party, but the party will support business. He also promised to staff the party with people who don’t crave for money, but who want to serve their country.

Saakashvili believes that President Petro Poroshenko missed the chance to use his experience, while years ago both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vouched for him. He said Poroshenko wanted to use him to fight corruption instead of carrying out reforms.

He refused to meet Poroshenko and members of his administration until a snap election has been called.

“Today in Ukraine I feel like I felt in Georgia back in 2001, when I went into opposition.”

Saakashvili became president of Georgia after the Rose Revolution in 2003. He served two five year terms. In 2012, UNM lost the parliamentary election to the new Georgian Dream coalition. After the end of his second term as president ended in late 2013, he left Georgia. The former president was since charged in his home country in several criminal cases.