A peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan will be signed in Tbilisi by the end of November or the beginning of December, and preparatory work in this regard is already actively underway in Georgia, Armenian news website Graparak reports based on its own sources.

The document, which is planned to be signed in Georgia, implies Armenia’s actual withdrawal from Karabakh (Artsakh in Armenian); Armenia will be obliged not to interfere in the affairs of Karabakh in any way, depriving its inhabitants of Armenian citizenship and funding; not only will the power structures of Karabakh be deprived of funding, but also, in general, the state administration system, from local governments to the presidential apparatus; Armenia will have the right to carry out projects of a charitable and social nature, for example, in the form of repairing and painting the demolished wall of the kindergarten, and anything more than that will be assumed as sponsoring and financing separatism and terrorism, Graparak reports.

If this happens, Georgia can become “the mediator and symbol of pan-Caucasian peace, while the entire South Caucasus is [actually] handed over to Turkey as an operator of the West’s interests in this region. According to our information, active preparations are being made in Georgia for the meeting between Aliyev and Pashinyan and the signing of the document heralding the era of peace.”

Graparak expects mass exodus of Armenians in case of signing the document.

„Some settlements will be depopulated hours after the signing of the contract […] Azerbaijan is against any type of autonomy, but under the influential pressure of western civilized countries, it may agree, understanding that this autonomy will remain on paper, after a very short time, Artsakh will be completely depopulated, and the rest will be Azerbaijanized.”