Border crossing “Psou”.

The Sukhumi regime complains to the Russian ambassador that citizens of the “Republic”, including members of the de facto parliament, face problems from Russian officials when crossing the border.

Abkhazia’s de facto foreign minister Inal Ardzinba appealed to Mikhail Shurgalin, Russian ambassador to the self-proclaimed republic and complained that four MPs who were returning from Moscow, where they held meetings in the Russian State Duma, were stopped by Russian border guards at the Psou checkpoint and searched for their belongings.

Moreover, “the parliament” receives numerous complaints from citizens of the “republic” due to the fact that they are detained for a long time without explanation by the employees of the Border Guard Department of the FSB of Russia, which complicates the border crossing, he said at the meeting Friday.

“We ask our people’s deputies and fellow citizens to be treated with respect,” Inal Ardzinba added.