TBILISI, DFWatch – The de facto president of Georgia’s breakaway republic South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, says what is currently taking place in the region now is an orange revolution, Russian media report.

The de facto leader made reference to a reform movement in Ukraine which lead to a peaceful transition of power in 2004, often called the orange revolution.

“What is happening today is a form of ‘orange revolution’, and it will not work. Things will be like the prosecutor and the people of South Ossetia decide,” he said, adding that he doesn’t cling to power but is ready to transfer government power in accordance with the constitution.

The situation in the Tskhinvali region got difficult after the so-called Supreme Court annulled the results of the so-called presidential elections on November 29. The apparent winner was Alla Dzhioyeva, former Education Minister in the region and opposition candidate. Her opponent was Anatoly Bibilov, openly considered a Kremlin favorite.

Dzhioyeva supporters began rallying in front of the so-called government building on the main square in Tskhinvali and are still holding out. They demand that the Supreme Court changes its decision about annulling the election and recognizes Alla Dzhioyeva as the winner so government power can be transfered to her.

Today, the so-called Supreme Court will appoint the day to review Dzhioyeva supporter’s appeal regarding the issue.

On Sunday, Dzhioyeva’s supporters announced her inauguration will be held on December 10 and intending to gather more than 17 000 people for this event. The location and other details of the inauguration are yet unknown, according to Russian media.

“The people of South Ossetia voted for Dzhioyeva, so we have set the inauguration for December 10 at 14:00,” representative of Dzhioyeva’s headquarters said at one of the rallys, according to Ria Novosti.