Bodies of five residents of Suleyman-Stalskiy district were found in local forests by power agents. According to the official information, the men had their hands tied and were killed by the insurgents as a retaliation for cooperating with the police. Authorities also announced that a summer camp of insurgents was found close to the killing site.

Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru and ria.ru.


The Salafi mosque in the village of Nuvyy Kurush in Khasavyurt district was closed and the mosque’s imam was arrested. The pressures follow a killing of the local Sufi mosque’s imam Magomed Khidirov on 9 September. The conflict between the village’s two religious groups is growing and some members of the community fear escalation.

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Head of village Karamakhi in Buynaksk district Migitin Dzhabadov was found dead in a forest in Karabudakhkent district on 1 October. According to the administration of Buynaksk district, he was kidnapped a day before his body was found.

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Parents of Makhachkala resident Omar Magomedov ask Human Rights Centre Memorial for assistance in stopping their son’s torture and beatings by power agents. According to the man’s mother, her son was stopped by men wearing camouflage and masks on 28 September. They claimed they found a grenade, explosives, and a small package with a psychoactive substance (spice — a designer drug popular in the North Caucasus) in his bag, after which they took him to an unknown destination. The parents claim that upon meeting their son he told them he was electrocuted and beaten to make him admit possession of abovementioned items and providing aid to the insurgency.

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An 18-years-old inhabitant of Suleyman-Stalskiy district is suspected of providing member of the southern wing of the Caucasian Emirate Kamaldin Kazimagomedov with supplies and letting him use his apartment and a car. The man is currently under arrest.

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The city of Derbent celebrated the 2000th anniversary of its foundation on 19 September. The celebrations included concerts, plays, and exhibitions. A Mountain Jews’ delegation from the Israeli city of Hadera led by mayor Tsvika Gendelman was invited to participate in the celebrations. Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot (‘Latest News’) subsequently reported that the city’s public servants prevented the delegation from participating in the main celebrations in Naryn-kala fortress allowing only Mr Gendelman to participate. According to The Times of Israel the delegation had their luggage removed from the hotel where they were staying and told to leave. The newspaper reports also that president Abdulatipov said that he didn’t want to see Israelis participate in the celebrations. Mr Abdulatipov called this version of events a lie and a provocation and offered an alternative version of events in which the delegation wasn’t satisfied with only three tickets for the Naryn-kala event. One participant of the delegation, lawyer Natan Liviyev, corroborated Mr Abdulatipov’s claims.

Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru, yedioth.co.il, and timesofisrael.com.

Up to 500 people gathered in front of the administration building of Khasavyurt on 23 September demanding that mayor Daygidpasha Umakhanov doesn’t leave his post. The protesters ask president Abdulatipov to support Mr Umakhanov’s re-election on 22 October.

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President Ramzan Kadyrov expressed his support to the official policy of Russian involvement in Syria and conducting airstrikes on the Islamic State’s bases. He expressed his willingness to send Chechen ground troops to Syria in order to ‘eradicate the terrorists’.

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A resident of Vedeno district was arrested under suspicion of cooperating with the Islamic State by providing aid to fighters in Syria, attempting to organise an armed unit in Chechnya, and recruiting new members among youth. According to the investigators, the man was on the territory of Syria from November 2014 to July 2015.

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A cache with weapons was discovered by Russian power agents at the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia. According to the power structures, the caches belong to the unit led by Beslan Makhauri, which has been active in the region.

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A branch of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation named after the incumbent president of the United Arab Emirates will be opened in Grozny. The Foundation had announced on 15 September that it would allocate donate million dollars for development of small and medium-sized business in Chechnya. It will be the first branch of the Foundation outside of the UAE. The Foundation funded a hafiz (Quran memorisation) school in Gudermes in 2011.

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A 23-years-old resident of Grozny was arrested under suspicion of murdering his younger sister. According to the investigators, the girl may have fallen victim to the so-called ‘honour killing’. The problem of honour killings is prevalent in the Chechen society, although numerous public and religious authorities often make public claims that the killings are not a part of either the customary law (aadat) or the religious law (sharia).

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Activists from the Free Mobile Group of Russian Human Rights Organisations demand investigation of the death of Ingushetia resident, Alikhan Ozdoyev, following interrogation in the facilities of the Investigative Committee of Chechnya. According to the man’s wife, her husband was tortured; the method of torture supposedly included electrocution.

Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru and ingush.izbirkom.ru.


Seven residents of Ingushetia were accused of banditry and an attack on police officers. According to the investigators, the men were in possession of guns and explosives and were planning to commit a series of crimes in the second half of 2014.

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Up to fifteen people participated in the demonstration of support for Syria’s Circassians in Nalchik. The demonstrators called the Russian government to pay more attention to the problems of Circassians abroad and called for their repatriation as a way to save their lives. The demonstration was provoked by death of a 11-years-old Circassian girl named Judi Maf in her home village of Marj as-Sultan in Syria on 26 September.

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Nine residents of Stavropol Krai were arrested in Karachay–Circassia under suspicion of arms trade. According to the investigators, the suspects sold weapons and ammunition to gangs in Karachay–Circassia, Kabarda–Balkaria, and Stavropol Krai.

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President of the Adyge Khase of Adygea Adam Bogus announced that his organisation as well as the Adyge Khase of Karachay–Circassia left the International Circassian Association. Mr Bogus announced as well that he resigned from the post of vice-president of the Association. The organisations’ departure is a reaction to the election of Khauti Sokhrokov as the Association’s president. Mr Bogus was quoted saying that Circassian organisations abroad are against Mr Sokhrokov’s presidency and that breakdown of existing structures and creation of alternative structures in the Circassian national movement is imminent. Four organisations from Karachay–Circassia are already members of the Union of Circassian NGOs of Karachay–Circassia which is seen by some experts as a tool of exercising influence on the International Circassian Association in hands of Russian authorities.

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Two Adyge Khase activists Zaurbyy Tsundyshko and Ali Bghane participated in a demonstration in Maykop on 30 September calling the authorities to assist evacuation and repatriation of ethnic Circassians from Syria. According to Tuapse Press, the activists plan to continue one-person demonstrations as well as conduct one large-scale demonstration in Maykop. The demonstrations were provoked by death of a 11-years-old Circassian girl named Judi Maf in her home village of Marj as-Sultan in Syria on 26 September.

Based on reporting by kavkaz-uzel.ru and tuapsepress.com.


Four residents of Adygea are suspected of participating in the Islamic State’s armed groups in Syria. According to Interfaks, two of the men left to Syria together with their families.

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