TBILISI, DFWatch–Traffic was restored Tuesday for heavy vehicles on the SH-17 between Tkibuli and Ambrolauri, according to the Roads Department.

Road restrictions remain in place on three road sections in Georgia.

Vehicles must use snow chains on the S-3 between Gudauri and Kobi due to snow and ice, but vehicles with four-wheel drive are allowed. It is not allowed to make stops between Gudauri and Kobi and drivers must use the anti-avalanche tunnels.

The SH-7 is still closed for all traffic between Kala and Ushguli.

In Svaneti, between Khaishi and Kala four wheel drive cars are allowed, while other vehicles must use snow chains.

In the south of Georgia, the SH-31 remains closed for all traffic between Nardevani and Rodionovka near Ninotsminda due to strong wind and poor visibility.