Sandro Bregadze (

Georgian far-right group Georgian March plans to set up a political party and settle deeper in Georgian politics, its leader Sandro Bregadze says.

“We were forced to go into politics in order to create a strong, nationalist political center on the basis of the Georgian March,” Sandro Bregadze said in an interview with TV Pirveli on Monday whose similar undertaking a year ago, however, has never materialized.

The consultations are underway with political groups with similar ideology, he added.

Although he didn’t mention any political group as a partner, he excluded Alliance of Patriots, a conservative political party with the representation in the parliament, as well as Levan Vasadze, Georgian millionaire with strong ultra-conservative sentiments.

In his interview, Sandro Bregadze distanced himself from the Kremlin, asserting that the group has “no connection, not only with the Russian authorities, but also with any segment of Russian politics.”

The first official convention of the new party is scheduled on June 10, Bregadze said to Publika Tuesday.

In April, 2019, Georgian March stated their plans to form a political party National Front. It’s first political proposal would be to note a person’s ethnicity in the Georgian passport. These plans, however, didn’t materialize.

Bregadze, who in 2014-2016 held an office of Deputy Minister of Diaspora Affairs, said the new coalition, said in 2019 that the new party would be similar to Marine Le Pen’s Front National of France, which was renamed National Rally in 2018.