TBILISI, DFWatch–The deputy head of the general inspection in the Georgian Defense Ministry resigned on Tuesday, explaining that he made the decision due to the accusations against him lately.

Explaining the decision, Valeri Zumbadze wrote in a statement published by the ministry that recently, he has often become the subject of false accusations with no basis.

In order to maintain the image of the ministry, he decided to leave, but expresses readiness to answer all the questions towards him, the statement says.

Zumbadze now plans a defamation lawsuit against those who have accused him.

His name has come up in connection with several well-known cases: the border shooting in Lapankuri in 2012, the photo reporters who were accused of spying in 2011.

Zumbadze was an employee of the Interior Ministry when these events happened. After the change of government, he moved to the counter intelligence department. Later, former defense minister Mindia Janelidze appointed him as deputy head of the general inspection.

Zumbadze has also been accused of harassing Saikhan Muzayev, who has said that the official personally used threats against him when he served in the counter-intelligence service.

During the Saakashvili regime, he was an investigator who worked on several high profile cases, including the Lapankuri border shooting.