Prosecutor's Office of Georgia in Ortachala, Tbilisi

The Prosecutor’s Office in Ortachala, Tbilisi. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–In a statement released on Saturday, Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia laid out its version of the tragic event of May 19, and announced it would appeal to the court demanding detention in absentia of Rashid Kanciogli, identified as a person who allegedly fired a fatal shot at Giga Otkhozoria, Georgian IDP hailing from Gali district, who lived in Zugdidi.

“In the case the motion is satisfied, Rashid Kanciogli will be requested both on national and international levels,” the statement reads.

A video of the murder taken by a surveillance camera was shown by the media and shared online, sparking a wave of outrage across Georgia.

Although Abkhazia’s de facto Military Prosecutor’s Office has opened a criminal investigation into the incident, Georgian authorities are doubtful that the perpetrator will ever be brought to justice.

“We will not give up until the killer is punished. We will use all international and local mechanisms to ensure that this crime does not go unpunished,” Deputy Interior Minister Archil Talakvadze said in an interview with Imedi TV.

A shooting against two minibuses on election day in 2008 has also been called the Khurcha incident.