Army and police officers at the special checkpoint in western Georgia. (Facebook/MIA.)

The government of Georgia on Tuesday released a list of 18 “economic directions”, which are permitted to keen on their activities during tightened quarantine measures.

The list includes:

– Medical facilities.

– Businesses related to production, distribution and sale of food, and related commodities, including products for pets, veterinary, pesticides, packing materials, etc.

– Mills, bakeries, milk processing and processing enterprises.

– Enterprises related to supply of electricity, natural gas, water, gasoline, diesel, liquefied gas, as well as telecommunications, postal and waste management services.

– Commercial banks.

– Payment service providers and their agents providing services through self-service kiosks.

– Tax system operators.

– Organizations providing activities required for continuous operation of ATMs, self-service kiosks and post terminals.

– Microfinance organizations.

– Enterprises providing banking and financial products, services through remote channels.

– Businesses related to production, distribution and sales of medicinal products, pharmaceuticals.

– Entities carrying out agricultural activities and activities related to livestock and poultry.

– Taxis.

– Food delivery services.

– Businesses providing private security services.

– Law firms, legal services’ providers.

– Providers of vehicle maintenance services.

– Press sales booths.