TBILISI, DFWatch–Tbilisi City Court has accepted evidence presented by the Prosecutor General’s Office in a criminal case against ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili.

The former leader was charged last November in a case that concerns the murder of a bank employee in 2006.

The Girgvliani case is only one of several incidents that took place during Saakashvili’s presidency which were highly controversial at the time and the new government has vowed to clean up.

Some of the cases are considered politically motivated by members of the former government, in which the ex-president is charged in several, but he has recognized this particular case as a ‘black stain‘ on his reputation.

Saakashvili is currently Governor of Odessa, Ukraine, after receiving Ukrainian citizenship. In the Girgvliani case, he is charged with abuse of powers, which may be punished by three to five years in prison.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said Monday that the court allowed the submission of all evidence presented by them. The defense wanted to terminate the criminal prosecution of Saakashvili. The court allowed only part of the defence’s evidence to be submitted.

The trial starts on July 6.