igor giorgadze

Igor Giorgadze has sued DFWatch.

Igor Giorgadze, the former Security Minister of Georgia, and an extremely controversial person in the country’s modern history, has sued DFWatch for an article published on July 23.

First of all, he objects to the title of the English version of the article, which refers to him as ‘public enemy number one’.

We believe this step is an element in a big game in which Igor Giorgadze anticipates his return to Georgia and, if possible, to carve out a place for himself in Georgian politics.

In a situation when pro-Russian forces overtly and covertly are strengthening their grip in many countries, including even the most developed and rich democracies, this can be a significant threat to Georgia’s foreign policy vector.

Whatever his motivation, we will enter the dispute with the former KGB general along with our international team, strongly confident in winning the lawsuit. Anyway, we will continue to regard Mr Igor Giorgadze as a Public Enemy Number One.