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Fighting in Afghanistan for Georgia’s Security

by | Dec 29

Georgia has increased its military presence in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan making it the biggest non-NATO contributor to ISAF operations. The Georgian parliament supported this decision and the Christian Democratic Movement of Georgia voted in favor. This was a well thought-out decision designed for making Georgia a part of a global security network. Although this is was a painful decision and obviously has its downsides, we, Christian Democrats strongly support Georgia's active participation in NATO-led international operations and believe that rather than being just a consumer, Georgia should become an active contributor to the global security system. Today, the most effective way for Georgia to play a role in the world's security system and fight against global terrorism is to be actively involved in ISAF operations in Afghanistan. Taking into account the present developments in Russia, is Georgia taking an unnecessary risk by sending another battalion to Afghanistan? While not being a member of NATO, is it worth having more troops in Afghanistan than a majority of NATO members do? Will the Georgian troops be mobile enough to oppose ...


Georgia and NATO

by | Dec 19

Georgia with all its successes and challenges, once again is becoming a significantly important case for the USA and the EU, especially in the foreground of the events, which are unfolding in Russia. Georgia’s democratic development, its success in formation of a modern, European and welfare state, will significantly influence the development of political process even in Russia, and will make Georgia a vitally important showcase not only for Caucasus but for the entire region of Eastern Europe and even Asia. We have been unlucky enough as Georgia's integration process into the West got frozen unlike the one of the Baltic countries. This, together with a number of very serious mistakes made by Saakashvili’s government, served as important factors for slowing down Georgia's democratic, economic, social and political development. We have always been thankful to the western world for the continues and unwavering support to Georgia and strongly believe that clear welcoming signs from NATO and the EU could become a serious encouragement for Georgia's further democratic and economic development. And failure to reward Georgia for its achievements could seriously hamper ...

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