TBILISI, DFWatch–The Ukrainian army has severely defeated the Russian unit stationed in the breakaway Abkhazia on the Kryvyi Rih front, which suffered such significant losses that the leadership was forced to withdraw it from the front for regrouping, Sova.news, Tbilisi-based Russian-language news portal, reports relying on Ukrainian military expert.

“Proud abkhazians were running! Well, how did they run… Spinning the broken back paws,” states Alexander Kovalenko, military expert and coordinator of the Information Resistance Group, on Facebook.

The leadership had to remove elements of the 7th Military Base stationed in Abkhazia from the front. The reason for the withdrawal is the restoration of combat abilities, he said.

The elements of the 7th MB were redeployed to Ukraine in March, soon after the start of Russian invasion. At the end of March, the Ukrainian military reported it had inflicted losses on the troops of the 7th MB at an unidentified location.

The 7th MB includes Bombora Airport located near Gudauta, a military training ground and part of the sea bay near Ochamchire, joint Russian-Abkhaz military garrisons deployed in the Kodori Valley and near the Enguri Dam. In addition, military-administrative and medical facilities (sanatoriums and rest homes) for the base were to be located in Sukhumi, Gagra, Gudauta, New Athos, Eshera and other settlements of in the region.