TBILISI, DFWatch — There are more than 2 000 Georgian citizens living in the disaster zone created by a massive storm in the US, according to the Georgian consulate in New York City.

The massive storm called Sandy slammed into the eastern United States Monday night with disastrous consequences including flooding and extensive material damage as well as airports, tunnels and public transport being closed down.

Giorgi Tsekvava, Georgian Vice Consul, told Rustavi 2 on Tuesday that there is no information about affected citizens.

“We warned Georgian citizens two days before the disaster and we told them to obey instructions given by local government.”

The number of victims increases. The president called on the population if there are instructions of evacuation they have to strictly follow those instructions.

Some Georgians living in the US and their friends write about their situation on Facebook and other online fora.

They write about a lack of electricity and having just phone for connections. Others say yet there is no instructions for evacuation of the place where they live.

“I’m dying of being nervous. Me and my family have been here for several months,” one Georgian writes on forum.ge.

“My cousin is in New York, but I couldn’t find ways to contact him,” another one writes.

More than 2.85 million people are left without electricity in 11 states.