TBILISI, DFWatch — Refugees in Georgia started to settle in abandoned buildings in the capital ever since the first results of parliamentary election became known.

They hope the new government will grant them living quarters, which they claim they deserve. Among those objects are buildings where refugees used to live but were resettled following a decision by the government.

Groups of refugees of Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia broke into several spots in Georgia after the election and are living there now, hoping that the new Refugee Minister will officially dedicate those flats for them to use.

Davit Darakhvelidze, earlier criticized for homophobic and racist expressions but now approved as new Refugee Minister, on Monday stated that refugees who illegally broke into different buildings will have to leave.

He says a process of studying cases of refugees breaking into buildings is underway and will finish soon.

“We are now analyzing who broke into buildings illegally. They will have to leave the place,” he said, explaining that resettlement will happen in accordance with international standards.

Hundreds of families were resettled by previous government proposing refugees living houses in villages close and bit far from capital, which caused dissatisfaction for the majority of those families.

Those who lost houses in Abkhazia have been living in Tbilisi 18-19 years and they claim it’s hard to live in a village with no living conditions, without jobs. https://dfwatch.net/internally-displaced-amass-on-ministers-office-62005