TBILISI, DFWatch–Police in Georgia Sunday detained two Georgian for beating two Nigerians in Tbilisi.

The attacked happened on September 19 when one Georgian citizen and his two Nigerian friends were walking on Rustaveli Avenue in the capital. They were attacked by two Georgians, who beat and insulted the two Nigerians and later disappeared, according to the Interior Ministry.

After being detained, both attackers pleaded guilty, the ministry said.

An investigation has been launched for conspiracy to commit hate crime based on race.

On September 21, before the police responded to the incident, a video was posted on the Facebook page of the so-called group Georgian Ultras. It showed a group of people, who would call themselves Bergman, attacking foreigners in the street.

The video was likely posted by them under the name “Bergman against niggers”. It was later deleted but re-uploaded by journalists.

The group targets victims on the basis of race or ethnic background.