TBILISI, DFWatch – The election commission in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia has been forbidden by the supreme court from announcing any more preliminary results after Sunday’s election.

The region is on the verge of conflict, as a standoff is developing between the region’s supreme court and central election commission (CEC).

Tensions grew after it became clear that the opposition’s candidate Alla Dzhioyeva seems the clear winner with 57 per cent of votes in the CEC’s last announcement Monday afternoon.

Supposed Kremlin favorite Anatoly Bibilov received only 40 per cent.

After the announcement, the region’s supreme court has forbidden the CEC from announcing more election results, South Ossetian news agency RES reported.

Tuesday morning, the Russian news site Lifenews.ru is reporting that the situation could escalate into a civil war. It claims to have information that the supreme court might dissolve the CEC. If the CEC is dissolved, there will have to be assembled a new election commission, and a new election will have to be held.

Bibilov has claimed that the election was fraudulent.