Bianka Shigurova can be seen in the center of this photo (wearing a hat) from November, 2015. (DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–A transgender woman was found dead in her apartment in Tbilisi on Thursday. She had apparently suffocated due to a gas leak.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) confirmed the death of Bianka Shigurova and said an investigation has been launched under article 115 of the Criminal Code about bringing someone to the point of suicide.

MIA did not offer further details, but a preliminary examination of the body found no injuries.

Shugurova lived in an apartment in a suburb of Tbilisi. Her death appears to have occurred a few days before she was found. According to neighbors, her dog was also found dead.

Bianka (22) was born in Lanchkhuti, a town in the Guria region. She left her home a few years ago after a conflict with her family and neighbors.

She was often engaged in activities to protect the rights of minorities. In November, she appeared at a commemoration of transgender victims in Tbilisi.

She said during the gathering that she was often attacked and physically harassed.