Tina Khidasheli. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgian military police is preparing to send a team to the Central African Republic to investigate alleged sexual crimes committed there by Georgian soldiers.

Defense Minister Tina Khidasheli said Wednesday that investigators require some facts and evidence.

“We critically require two things: information from [the United Nations in] Geneva, as we don’t have any information, like who gave testimony and when,” she said, adding that Georgia has been promised such information.

“Second, this is a group of our military police, which is studying the case and getting ready to depart for the Central African Republic.”

As soon as the United Nations has provided the information, the preliminary study will be over, she continued.

Khidasheli clarified that there is currently no investigation going on, but only a study. She also claims that the Central African Republic is not investigating the case either.

Thursday, the defense minister met with Georgian soldiers in Senaki, in western Georgia, and said that Tbilisi expects information from Geneva by the end of the week. Most members of the contingent that served in the Central African Republic at the time of the alleged crimes are now in Senaki.

“What is important now is to take care of our soldiers,” Khidasheli said, and asked people to refrain from making negative statements about the entire army, even though there will be many questions asked until the investigation is over.