(DFWatch photo.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Ruins of what may have been an ancient palace were discovered on Monday in the old part of Tbilisi.

Archeologists Merab Dzneladze and Levan Latsabidze said the ruins may date back to the fourth or third century AD, going by the architectural style, and that the structure might have had cult purposes or been a palace.

The ruins were found during construction work on a shelter for people affected by an earthquake in 2002.

The site is located at Tumaniani Street on Puri Square in old Tbilisi. Construction work has now been suspended, and archeologists have been given two weeks to determine the date and authenticity of the find.

If confirmed, the ruins will be conserved, and the plans for a refugee shelter on the site will be shelved. Earthquake victims will be offered housing in another part of Tbilisi.

So far only part of the processed stones have been unearthed. They form part of a façade. Also tiles were dug out during the construction work.

The two archeologists say that as they start digging, they expect the wall structure to continue at least three meters down into the ground.