The current Georgian government has resigned but will continue carrying out its duties until a new government is approved by parliament.

The president’s administration informed about the resignation in a short statement on its official website, which says that the presidenthas granted the government’s request to resign.

The new government will be presented to a new parliament as defined by the constitution.

According to the current constitution, as soon the new elected parliament’s powers are enforced, the current government’s authority is suspended and the president will ask parliament to express its trust in it.

But the constitution doesn’t require the government to request suspending its authority, especially if the authority of a new parliament is not yet in force. Despite this, no explanations were made for why the government requested to suspend its authority.

The president admitted that his party had been defeated by the Georgian Dream coalition in the election. He said the government will be staffed completely by the force headed by Bidzina Ivanishilvi, even though the president has the power not to let them do it. Saakashvili said he made this step in order to avoid the crisis this would have led to. He said he and his movement is moving into opposition.