TBILISI, DFWatch — TBC Bank has stopped the seizing of minibuses belonging to Tbilisi Minibus Ltd and lets the company continue work as normal when drivers have ended their strike.

Thursday morning, the National Enforcement Bureau entered the garage in Gldani, Tbilisi, in order to seize 150 minibuses, claiming that a letter was sent to the bureau according to which the company that owns the minibuses have a two million euro debt to TBC Bank.

The National Enforcement bureau started seizing 150 out of 2 500 vehicles belonging to the company; enough to cover the debt.

However, later the same day, TBC Bank issued a short statement confirming that the company had liabilities to the bank, but that the seizing procedure had been stopped.

According to the statement, when there is rush traffic in Tbilisi, 1 800 minibuses out of 2 500 are working, while 700 are kept as reserve.

“We take into account the interests of the Tbilisi population and also the fact that drivers decided to let minibuses continue normal functioning, we decided to give those 150 cars an opportunity to function normally and do not stop them,” a bank representative says.