Georgia declares nationwide mourning on August 25 after 17 killed in minibus crash

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( Georgia marks August 25 as a day of mourning for victims of deadly crash on the road to Khevsureti. Out of 20 people on board of minibus, 17 died and three others, all women, are currently in the critical condition. The tragedy occurred on the mountainous road leading to the ancient fortress of [...]

Five foreign tourists rescued by helicopter in Caucasus mountain range

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TBILISI, DFWatch–Five foreign tourists were rescued by helicopter from a mountain plateau in the main Caucasus range Saturday after being isolated by a flooded stream. Personnel from the Emergency Management Agency used helicopters belonging to the border […]

One man, 500 sheep and 40 cows dead in mudslide in Georgia

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TBILISI, DFWatch–One man and about 500 sheep and 40 cows were caught up in a landslide in the village Khone, in Khevsureti on Tuesday. According to Information Center of Mtskheta, shepherd Giorgi Shetekauri is missing after the glacial mudslide. Rescue workers […]