TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgian police announced Friday that a man has been detained suspected of the brutal assault on Alexi Petriashvili, former member of government and prominent member of the opposition Free Democrats.

At a special briefing at the MIA, a spokeswoman announced that the arrest was made in Borjomi, in a resort town about 120 km southwest of Tbilisi , ‘a few days after’ the attack.

The ministry did not disclose the surname of the suspect, referring to him as Levan M., 41 years old.

Thea Pertaia, MIA spokeswoman, stated the a DNA profile from traces on a hammer used by the attackers fits with the suspect. At the same time, blood from the hammer belongs to the victim.

The MIA states that Petriashvili, a former minister for Euro-Atlantic integration (2012–2014) and secretary general of the opposition political party Free Democrats, was assaulted by two men, who hit him in the head with a hammer, then shot him several times and afterward beat several times with truncheons.

The police found the hammer and a hat, presumably belonging to one of the attackers, at the scene.

No information about the motive was disclosed at the briefing, and there was also no information given about the second attacker.

Eka Mishveladze, Petriashvili’s wife and former political talk show anchor on the Public Broadcaster’s Channel 1, said she doesn’t know who Levan M. is.