Nika Melia (center) and Tengiz Gunava, MP, in Kirtskheli after the incident. (20300

Nika Melia (center) and Tengiz Gunava, MP, in Kirtskheli after the incident. (20300

Tbilisi, DFWatch – The Ministry of Internal Affairs investigates the violent incident in Kortskheli, Samegrelo under the 125th article of Criminal Law Code. So far, no-one has been arrested in connection to the case.

On Monday Tamta Kokelidze, deputy head of the MIA press office, said to DFWatch that ‘intensive investigation measures’ were being taken, an expertise would be conducted, and witnesses were being questioned. They didn’t, however, confirm how many people were injured during Sunday’s fight or whether the investigators questioned sportsmen, whom the United National Movement accuses of battery.

DF Watch talked to the MIA press office Tuesday too, and was told there were no updates so far.

‘We cannot reveal any details in order not to affect the investigation. Every single witness will be questioned’, Tamta Kokelidze said.

The 125th article of the Criminal Law Code of Georgia punishes battery or any other type of violence by imposing a fine or community work and/or corrective labour.

A by-election was held on Sunday at nine electoral districts in Georgia in order to elect members of Sakrebulo (‘municipal assemblies’). The clashes took place in the precinct in Kortskheli in Zugdidi. Supporters of the Georgian Dream attacked members of the UNM. UNM claims former and active sportsmen were among the attackers. Initially, it was said that there were rugby players and boxers among the attackers. However, information later distributed by the UNM, suggested there were mostly sportsmen from different combat sports.

Several prominent members of the UNM, including MPs, were injured. Georgian Dream stated their supporters and activists were also injured. Eventually, UNM won elections in Kortskheli.