Locals in Tsikhisdziri after the incident. (TV9.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The Prosecutor’s Office in Georgia has published details of the military employees who a few days ago harassed and physically abused people on religious grounds.

According to a statement issued on Thursday, Onise Khabulava, Chairman of the military department of the regional police in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, Paata Gvilia and Malkhaz Mamphoria, inspectors from the same department, used violence, threats with a weapon in a public space, ‘violated public order and expressed clear disrespect for the society,’ the Prosecutor’s Office writes.

The incident took place a few days ago in Tsikhisdziri, a village in Adjara, Black Sea coast. Three military employees harassed seven citizens because they were not wearing crosses. The perpetrators were drunk, and forced the locals to show that they were wearing crosses and prove that they were Christians, not Tatar.

According to the investigation, the soldiers illegally fired their weapons in order to scare people and physically and verbally abused those who weren’t wearing crosses.

“Frightened citizens run away, while military police employees shot from their guns,” the statement says. “Onise Khubulava beat Mevlud Davitadze from Tsikhisdziri, because he didn’t have his ID. He scolded and hit the gun butt in his head and then beat Davitadze, who fell.”

The three later stopped a few cars and demanded that those inside show their crosses.

“Khubulava pointed a gun at the neck of one citizens and threatened to shoot him in the head.”

The police detained Malkhaz Mamphoria and Paata Gvilia, while Onise Khubulava is hiding.