The clothes market near Tbilisi central train station. (Photo: Mari Nikuradze.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – There are stores in between the large markets near the central train station in Tbilisi were people sell second hand clothes from abroad.

There, people are crowding close to piles of clothes, peeking inside to find what they want.

Rusa, 21, says she always goes to these shops in order to get t-shirts or boots.

“Last time I bought Vans for USD 18 completely new, I just bought new ties for them.”

She says the reason going to second hand shops is that you get staff of better quality and for good price.

Irakli, 22, says he usually goes to Didube to buy clothes. (Photo: Mari Nikuradze.)

“What you cannot tell about clothes bought in the market or shop. Many things which I bought in an ordinary shop were worn out much sooner then the ones I bought here.”

Olly says she goes to second hand shops more often than normal shops, because there one can find unique and good clothes.

“And you have a guarantee that no one will wear the same clothes.”

She says there are several sports she uses to check if there is anything new, but mainly she goes to Tserteli Avenue. There are mini shops at the beginning of this street, which is located in front of Dinamo stadium. Usually youth claim there are good clothes in the Tsereteli shops, but it’s more expensive than in the Station Square shops.

“The cheapest thing I bought was Vans shoes for just USD 6 and almost new.”

Irakli, 22, says he usually goes to Didube district where there are 15-20 shops in a row, where there are cheap and good clothes.

“It’s a bit expensive on Tsereteli. It depends on how much money I have when I go to shop. If I want a t-shirt and a really good t-shirt, I go to Tsereteli. Other things you can buy in other places cheaper.”

It is even possible to find popular brands while digging in those piles of clothes like Puma, Adidas, Mango, River Island, Zara..

But Irakli says clothes is not the only thing he goes to second hand shops.

Olly says she goes to second hand shops more often than normal shops, because there one can find unique and good clothes. 

I like hiking, so I usually need stuff like backpacks, tents with all its equipment. I know several spots, where I usually go to find such things and much cheaper than at sports shops,” he says, adding that he last got a sleeping bag for about USD 8.

Mari, 19, claims she knows better places also near Station Square, but a bit difficult to find, where clothes are sold by the weight.

“You chose whatever you want, then they pack all together and measure the weight. Prices are different, but there are cases when I got t-shirts just for some coins.”

At such places tons of clothes arrive at once. These are mainly places where sellers from Tsereteli Avenue and second hand shops come and buy for their own selling.

Nani has been selling second hand clothes for more than twelve years. She supplies her store exactly from such spots, where tons of clothes are distributed from abroad.

“This is where I get clothes, but some other sellers go themselves to a European country and get their own collections very cheap to sell them here to make some profit.”

Tamar works at one of the most famous places of second hand clothes. There is a two-storey building near Dinamo stadium full of clothes.

“I update my collection daily. Today I got a bit large sizes as lately I got requests for bigger sizes.’

She and her colleagues tell us that their clients are mainly middle aged women and youth with special requests. Mainly they are looking for t-shirts with special print or text.

“Children want Spiderman or batman, while others ask for South Park or Radiohead prints. I cannot guarantee them that I’ll start looking exactly for such prints as I don’t usually know how they look like, but I always try to get printed t-shirts,” Tamar explains.