TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili announced that in September there will be opened a City Hall and a port in the still non-existent city Lazika.

Saakashvili was meeting with youth at the patriot camp in Anaklia, a town on the Black Sea coast. He spoke about the new city Lazika, his idea to build a city with a population of ten million.

“We started construction of Lazika Port two weeks ago. We will open a City Hall and port administration in September,” he said.

There is already a house of justice being constructed in the place where the city is planned. A few months ago, the government presented short movie clip, which describes what the new city will look like. There will be several zones in the city: Zone A will be glass sky scrapers, the next zone will be a residential district, another zone will only be for private houses and the fourth zone is for recreation.

The president says it is important that all of society gets involved in the construction of the new city, a process which will involve seminars, public debates, and TV discussions.

The city will be connected by railway, there will be airport and sea port.