Authorities claim Tina Khidasheli is one of the donors whose donation was not correctly reported by Georgian Dream. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – The largest opposition coalition in Georgia may be fined again, after the State Audit Office has said certain individuals implemented financial operations in the name of Georgian Dream, which is prohibited by law.

A statement by the State Audit Office (SAO) Saturday says Georgian Dream gave them incorrect information about several people who donated to the party.

Georgian legislation allows individuals to donate to a political party within certain limits, but the SAO statement says that in this case it was money donation, but described as non-monetary donation.

According to the statement the donors are Nodar Khaduri, Tamar Giorgiadze, Roman Tskhondia, Tina Khidasheli and Beso Jojua.

SAO claims these persons donated from their own pocket, which violates the election code. According to the code, a party should spend election fund expenses during 60 days before elections and it is prohibited to use any other accounts, including personal accounts.

“In this case there is election fund of a political subject, but the money is spent for personal accounts of individuals for election campaign. Those expenses haven’t been registered on the account of funds and in fact it is declared as non-monetary donation.”

The State Audit Office calls on these persons and the party to observe the regulations of the law and return the money to the donors, otherwise the coalition will be fined in a matter of days.