TBILISI, DFWatch — Five members of parliament (MPs) who were elected as representing the National Movement party declined to join their party in the parliamentary minority on Sunday.

This means that there will be less obstacles for the Bidzina Ivanishvili-led majority to adopt constitutional changes.

According to Georgian law, at least 101 MPs are needed to change the constitution. Georgian Dream has 85 seats, while Mikheil Saakashvili’s National Movement party has 65 seats. This means that the majority will need to convince at least 16 of the minority to implement constitutional changes.

A member of the National Movement says that they won’t support constitutional changes.

Considering that five National Movement members decided not to join the new minority, it is expected that they will support the majority.

Those are Goderdzi Bukia – majoritarian for Khobi district, Samegrelo region, Kakha Okriahsivli, majoritarian for Dmanisi District in Southern Georgia, Gogi Liparteliani, majoritarian for Lentekhi district, mountainous western Georgia, Endzel Mkoiani – majoritarian for Ninotsminda, southern Georgia and Sergo Khabuliani – majoritarian for Tsageri – mountainous western Georgia.

Sergo Khabuliani is a new MP, while the rest four used to be in the ruling party in the previous assembly.

Goderdzi Bukia says another majoritarian may join them, but he didn’t specify the name, but said they may set up a new faction.

“We are majoritarian, do not belong to any party and at this stage we will fulfill duties as independent MPs,” he said.

Later on Sunday it became known for media that Giorgi Gozalishvili, majoritarian of Lagodekhi from National Movement may also leave minority and join independent MPs. Independent MPs hold negotiations with him.